The kitchen remodel has been a wild ride

It started with a dream and a lot of pride.

We tore down walls and ripped out the old

To create a space that was brand new and bold.

The dust and debris were everywhere

It seemed like chaos, but we didn’t care.

We were building our dream kitchen, step by step 

It was a labor of love, but worth it in the end, we bet

We picked out cabinets and countertops galore

We added new appliances and a shiny new floor

We even added a backsplash that sparkled and shone

Our kitchen was finally coming together, all on its own

But the journey wasn’t easy, we’ll admit

There were delays and setbacks that made us feel a bit

But we persevered, and in the end, it paid off

Our kitchen is beautiful, and we’re no longer scoffed

So here’s to the kitchen remodel, it was quite a feat

But now we have a space that’s oh so sweet

We’ll cook and bake and entertain with glee

In our beautiful, brand new kitchen, oh so merrily