Choosing Accessible Kitchen Cabinetry in League City

Choosing Accessible Kitchen Cabinetry

In order to accommodate the needs of all users, kitchen cabinetry in League City should be designed to be accessible to people with different physical abilities. Standard kitchen cabinets are composed of six-sided wooden boxes with doors and drawers. Corner cabinets can also have a turntable for easier access. Here are some tips for choosing kitchen cabinetry in League City.

Lifetime limited warranties: A lifetime limited warranty covers the product for as long as the original owner owns it. A warranty will normally limit the manufacturer’s liability to repair or replace the product in the event of defects. On the other hand, a one-year limited warranty does not necessarily guarantee the quality of the cabinetry. Even if the warranty is still valid, a faulty cabinet can break down within five to 10 years of purchase.

Hardware: Choose knobs and handles that are easy to use for the members of your family. Hardware should complement the overall design of your cabinetry, rather than distract from it. For a small kitchen, avoid statement hardware pieces, as large or bulky handles can be unwieldy. Alternatively, choose sleeker, more modern statement pieces that won’t date and that are easy to use. If you’re worried about slamming the drawers or cabinets, consider purchasing soft-closing drawers or doors. For doors, select a simple pull handle or smooth press-and-release hinge. Contact us for Kitchen cabinetry in League city.