Perspective on paint finishes

 Perspective on paint finishes

For me, choosing the right color for a space is always the more challenging aspect of selecting paint. However, consideration to the type of finish places staring role in how they paint will look and stand up to the test of time. 

Below is a breakdown in the basics… remember, paint can easily be changed, so don’t panic and have fun with the process.


A Matte finish offers a non reflective flat appearance perfect for covering imperfections, but requires touch ups often. This finish smudges easy and won’t come up with a quick wipe down. It looks great on ceilings, living room, guest and master bedrooms or any other lower traffic areas. 


An eggshell finish look smooth and produces a soft velvet like Sheen. It is a bit more forgiving than a matte finish, but still blemishes easily. Best to avoid in high traffic rooms like kitchens and baths. 


A personal favorite here on the golf coast. This paint finish boasts A pretty pearlescent luster. It is an excellent choice and high humidity areas such as kitchens and baths. 


A great go to for crown molding, casements and doors. Let’s finish is brighter and more effective enabling trim and molding’s to pop complementing a more subtle will finish. Creates a nice medium sheen. 


Want to make a statement… add high drama and boldness instantly with this mirror like reflective finish. Keep in mind, however, the imperfections and texture will also be magnified. I do love a gloss sheen as a statement piece. Use in a compelling way. 

Coming soon… choose color with confidence and other considerations and color combinations.