Innovative kitchen workstations

Innovative kitchen workstations
The work triangle

For years, designers were taught to consider the work triangle and planning a kitchen layout (The worn path between the refrigerator, sink and cooktop). Dramatic changes in the way we live are transforming The tired, outdated concept of the triangle into dynamic, innovative workstations featuring state of the art appliances and storage possibilities.

Lifestyle dictates layout and specifics of each workstation. For example, emerging high tech refrigeration and optimal wine storage are becoming increasingly important to many of our clients. The movement towards farm to table including mindful considerations and wine pairings or dignifying the home dining experience, especially as more people are entertaining from home. No doubt these and other lifestyle changes are influencing today’s kitchen design.

There are four specific organizational workstations to consider when creating a new and distinctive kitchen plan. These include food storage, food prep, looking and service.

The food storage workstation

The food storage workstation features high-level refrigeration as a focal point. The prevailing trend toward fresh, quality food has created an upswing of technological advances in food preservation and storage.

Integrating wine columns with sleek lines evokes an element of taste for grandiosity to any kitchen design while maintaining desirable conditions for a proper wine storehouse.

The Butler’s pantry is another popular upgrade for discerning clients. It boasts additional storage space most often including a second sink, dishwasher and extra refrigeration. This allows less impressionable items to be stowed away while the main kitchen remains the center of entertainment.

The food prep workstation

The food prep workstation delivers in style and function. Usually located between the sink and cooktop, this core area includes ample counter space to craft special culinary creations. Features comprise of trash/recycling base cabinets with push mechanism to allow easy access when hands are full or unclean. Faucets with graceful contemporary lines offer a touch free or voice activation technology to prevent the spread of germs and cross-contamination. A Sophisticated utility drawer organizers prep utensils, measuring cups, knife blocks, aluminum foil holders and more. Deep full extension drawers with inserts store cutting boards, mixing bowls and other items for quick accessibility.

cooking workstation

Just adjacent to the private area, the current workstation’s primary emphasis is on the range; a statement piece separating the average from the outstanding in a well conceived kitchen plan.

There are a range of possibilities when selecting the right fit both in style and performance. Whether your look is vintage, traditional, industrial or modern, copious options abound offering a blend of cooking capabilities including induction, high-performance grill, steam and convection. These improvements in machine competence and operations are catapulting the common home chef into culinary connoisseur status.

On either side of the range, ample storage, preferable deep base drawers with dividers, organize pots, pans and other cooking tools.

Service workstation

To keep the core areas free from congestion, service workstations or best placed at the end of the cabinet run or island where the flow leads to a dining space. Plates, bowls, eating utensils, serving platters and napkins are neatly stored in various cabinet configurations. Pegboard systems in a middle drawer offer a nice alternative to upper Cabinetry for bowls and plates.

As part of the service workstation coffee beverage bars are becoming increasingly Vogue appealing to a growing number of homeowners. They can be created in a niche area within the kitchen space, maintaining a separate independence achieved by using a different but complementary backsplash. In conclusion, coffee beverage bars add an additional layer of interest while providing functional coherent unity to a kitchen space.

Written by Anna Wilder Hegemier