Living inside out – creating the perfect high performance Outdoor Kitchen at home

At Midtown Cabinetry & designs the demand for a quality High performance outdoor kitchens in Clear Lake is skyrocketing. Outdoor spaces are taking center stage, becoming a notable sensation in the luxury home design market not only here in the Houston area but nationwide. According to the 2020 brown Jordan outdoor kitchens “ State of the industry report“ there is substantial increase in attention towards outdoor kitchens throughout all geographical areas including those with more extreme climate conditions. With so many homebound, the outdoors serves as a pleasant oasis from what’s becoming the malfunctioning bustle of interior spaces.

Outdoor kitchen is designed to function independently

The new modern outdoor kitchen in Clear lake is designed to be able to fully stand alone. Men especially are driving the traditional barbecue experience forward towards a more gourmet culinary social event. This refreshed outdoor kitchen concept includes elaborate cooking suits with ample Cabinetry for complete storage needs, hybrid grills with convection Capabilities, Pizza ovens, smokers and refreshment centers. “ as homeowners seek more comprehensive outdoor kitchens, we’ve seen a corresponding demand for storage and Cabinets to ensure the outdoor spaces can operate independently, “ send Mitch slater, President of brown Jordan outdoor kitchens and Danver, which manufactures Trex outdoor kitchens.

Home outdoor entertainment at its finest

The ability to entertain from home has become a recent priority, along with the desire to extend into your comforts into the great outdoors. In addition to high-performance outdoor kitchen cabinetry and appliances designers together with their clients are pairing comfortable refreshing with adorable high end fabrics, including televisions, fireplaces and fire pits, and complementing the interior decor to create a cohesive quality from the indoors out.

Today’s home outdoor spaces are providing the flexibility to take pleasure in activities previously experienced by going out. Homeowners are adapting by cooperating with qualified kitchen designers like ourselves to create a fusion of Enduro amenities outdoors; comfortable yet luxurious spaces to rally for our favorite sports teams, lounge and watch the latest release on Netflix, or indulge in an intimate and unique dining experience with family, friends, and neighbors.

What’s to come…

That’s technology continues to advance, we can expect our home outdoor experiences to become more advanced. Outdoor Cabinetry is becoming weatherproofed and able to withstand even the most severe elements. Premium materials and finishes are resistant to rust and corrosion. Designer colors and styles previously reserved for interior spaces are migrating outdoors as aesthetic improvements continue to evolve. Appliances are integrating automated systems with voice activation and continuing to become more durable, while the versatility of advanced outdoor lighting is selling the ambience creating a welcoming yes Swanky elegance.

Most notably, what are used to be merrily referred to as the backyard in becoming a high-performance, outdoor entertainment oasis that magically comes alive when shared with those we love…

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