Back to Basics with kitchen remodeling in clear lake

Embrace the idea of combining various textures and patterns

When Reimagining your kitchen/bath embrace the idea of combining various textures and patterns For a bit of flavor. Get creative and allow yourself to venture outside the box… Pick out your favorite bold patterns and textures in tile, Wall coverings and fabrics. Use a single color for cohesiveness unifying design selections without being Matchy. Keep reading to learn more about kitchen remodeling in clear lake.

Remember the high low principal

We would all like an unlimited budget. While it is nice to dream about it is often not the reality. Here’s a tip: remember the high/low principle for stunning results while keeping your bottom line in check! For example, splurge on quality well made Cabinets with plenty of storage and organization options. Perhaps consider budget friendlier options for lighting or hardware. Focus the budget on more permanent items. It is easier to update lighting and hardware on style Trends change as even the best designs have an exploration date.

Consider what your space will allow

Although images from sites like Pinterest, houzz, and Instagram are great sources for inspiration it is important to be realistic about what your space will allow. Utilize these sources to help guide you toward your personal style story and gauge the particular mood that you are looking to achieve. Write down your top priorities for the redesign. It will help to keep you focused and you can optimize the square footage to best suit your needs.

Leave room for margin

Consider leaving some cushion in the construction and design phase for the unexpected. In construction, every project is unique. We can’t always know what is lurking behind closed doors. Sometimes there are surprises. It’s always a smart idea to leave approximately 7 to 10% of project cost for incidentals. This will allow you peace of mind, and be less stressful if funds are allocated to the budget in advance. It is not always needed, but mighty nice to have

Mix modern lighting with tradition bones

Mix modern lighting with traditional bones to keep the interior fresh and energetic. The opposite is also true. Need to add character to a more modern dwelling… Bring in collected pieces to add warmth and personality.

When using natural materials play with contrast

I have always been drawn to high contrast. Light and darkness, smoothness meeting rough edges… When using natural materials, give yourself free reign to experiment with contrasting characteristics. For example, homeowners are seeking a refuge to unwined. Master bath or becoming this tranquil and Zen space invoking a spa like experience. Capture the mood with the juxtaposition of a smooth light colored marble any raw or rough wood. Not only does this mixture add character, it also excludes luxury. Bring in as much natural light as possible to enhance the other elements and call forth a peaceful vibe.

Go clutter free

For your redesign, consider plenty of hide away storage for small appliances, charging stations stowed away for technology devices (cell phones, iPads, etc) in designated areas for mail/paperwork. If it’s not pretty, put it away. Clutter lends itself to a stressful environment. Other areas in life tend to get cluttered as well. Get rid of what no longer serves you. The lighter loud will have you breathing easier in no time. After all, your home is your sanctuary, it is a reflection of your spirit. Contact us for Kitchen remodeling in clear lake.