Kitchen/Bath Hottest Design Discoveries

 At Midtown Cabinetry & designs, we build creative solutions in space planning, Organization optimization, and presenting a cohesive design story that reflects the personalities of our clients. We also remain involved in industry shows and organizations to keep abreast of the latest and design technologies. In doing so, this allows us to help educate our clients, therefore, encouraging them to make the best decisions in choosing the right products that fit their lifestyle. Today were showcasing the hottest new design Discover for the kitchen/bath available now. Kitchen Remodeling in Clear Lake

These exciting new product offerings are convenient to use, promote a feeling of health and wellness, and provide a sense of safety for families. Here’s what we discovered…

  1. Refrigeration

The hottest design breakthroughs in refrigeration introduce new food preserving Technologies to reduce food waste, craft ice makers for Epicurean style beverages at home, convert drawers that offer the versatility of custom fridge and freezer temperatures, camera technology that allows you to see what you need before stopping at the grocery, and transparent display glass doors for easy visibility and a cool modern look. 

Top Picks

  1. LG electronics USA

The contemporary new fridge offers the slow melting craft ice option (Great for entertaining), and the Insta-View “ knock on“ glass technology that allows for easy viewing without opening the door, keeping the cool air and saving energy. It also features the versatile fridge to freezer convert drawer for all your food storage needs.

  1. Bosch refreshment center fridge

If you’re a foodie that love shopping at local farmers markets and places like Whole Foods, then this might be your product pick. This new Bosch design features a “ Farm fresh” cooling system to keep food fresh or longer; perfect to prevent all the fresh produce from going to waste. It also includes a nifty transparent display beverage drawer for your favorite wines. Displays of the 17 bottles.

  1. Samsung chef collection

Tired from a long day at the office and know you have to stop at the grocery on the way home, but you can’t remember what all you need… if this sounds familiar, then this product option might save you some frustration. Samsung’s chef collection fridge features a camera that links to your smartphone to allow you to see exactly what you have on hand. Both convenient and practically brilliant.

2) Plumbing lighting

Plumbing fixtures and integrated lighting have some high-tech. With remodeling projects on the up, we seek to make our homes cozier, more functional and smarter. Hands-free voice activated plumbing fixtures/Lighting provide a cleaner, safer option for a reduced cross contamination. Our master bath’s are becoming spa like retreats with mood lighting, aromatherapy steam showers, music and water temperature that’s easily adjusted with simply the sound of your voice. 

  1. Delta voice IQ technology Faucet

This impressive new release by Delta connects to your home device offering programmable metered water dispenser technology. Whether a cup, a gallon, a particular size water bottle or a coffee pot you’re filling, this product is up to the task with just a simple command. Hands-free makes it a more sanitary and connective choice for a busy household.

  1. Steam shower by Mr. steam

Looking for the perfect spa experience from the comforts of your own home; this product helps to create a tranquil reprieve from the daily grind. Steam shower by Mr. steam offers both aromatherapy to relax the senses and chromotherapy to set the visual mood.

  1. Thermasol

here we have an award-winning technology product of the year from the decorative plumbing and hardware association. Thermasol consists of a 10 inch therma touchscreen That is waterproof, integrated with Alexa for hands-free use, and includes water temperature, lighting and sound controls Plus steam activation. 

Bonus round up

  1. Urban herb cultivator

Get inspired with a super clever culinary delight. The urban cultivator offers a see-through glass mini green house experience on wheels that fits perfectly into any modern urban kitchen setting. This compact unit has self watering technology for your microgreens and herbs!

  1. Smeg range

The elite Italian brand known for its dolce and Gabbana kitchen collaborations has plenty of swag. With a sports cave inspired colors, this range is not only stunning in appearance, but offers two electric ovens and a storage drawer that’s equally high performance.

  1. Thermador convection steam oven

All the latest craze..This high functioning oven and cook a full meal in record time. It keeps meat moist and allows you to Cook several dishes at once Without transferring the flavors.

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