Details of Kitchen Remodel in Clear Lake

Kitchen Remodeling in Clear Lake

Historians and design professionals alike are drawing comparisons between today’s Covid pandemic and the Spanish influenza of the 1920s. A century ago, The tragedy of the Spanish flu sparked a revolution in design that gave rise to a new modern evolution in architecture and interior design. (Art Deco Design Era) with the additional triad of economic, social and climate challenges, and the surge of technological advances; we are in the cusp of another historical rebirth. This is the tale of the revival post Covid, a sort of progressive metamorphosis evident in our challenging culture and values. We are beginning to recognize and acknowledge the truth of our habits. They are becoming more pronounced, and the way in which we live is becoming more apparent as we are often reduced to the cramped confines of our interior spaces.

As a society, we are turning a page. The context draws attention back to the dwellings in which we live and who we really are. We want our homes to be a true reflection of our transformation as individuals and as a society. We are renovating our lives and now we are renovating our interiors, as who we are and how we want to live becomes more integrated. 

The kitchen is consistently the area of Interior renovation that presents the highest ROI; indubitably, it’s also where the spirit of the home is most evident. It’s the space, to the greatest degree, that reflects the vibrancy of the lives we are living. It’s the place we connect. A night out has turned into creative cooking sessions with family and friends. We’re plugging in with others around the world, building professional or social communities, through zoom hang out comfortably seated around our kitchen tables. Meal time, family time, everyone lots of the time gathering in the what’s now more than ever a multipurpose area. 

How can we begin the process of reimagining the square footage that already exists? Below are five steps to a post Covid lifestyle personalization renovation, as were calling it- 

  1. choose your design story-

Choose a design theme and color schematic that fits into the rest of your decor and best represents your personality. Cut out pictures or print them off of sites like Pinterest that resonate with you. You will discover a pattern of what speaks to you aesthetically. 

  1. Think about function-

How do you want to live in the space and future considerations… today a designated media organization space within the kitchen is highly recommended. Think charging drawers for phones and tables, USB outlets, and perhaps an under cabinet mounted touchscreen for zoom sessions, music, etc. we are for many options for organizing every aspect of your kitchen space!

  1. appliances-

No days there are some pretty high-tech AI appliance options available in different styles and price points. Consider what would work best for you and your lifestyle bold colors are also available to add a pop of color and design flair. 

  1. consider your budget-

We offer various styles and construction options to accommodate most budgets. The cost of remodeling your kitchen can raise greatly from $20,000 for low budget remodeling to $700,000 for a custom, top and remodeling. The cost of your kitchen remodel in Clear Lake and surrounding areas there is greatly depending on your design, remodeling concepts, and visual preferences. 

  1. choose a reputable company-

There’s a lot that goes into creating a concept, formulating a design plan that maximize storage, functions in a practical way, and actually doing the demo and rebuild. Midtown Cabinetry and designs has the experience, examples of work and most importantly relationships with past clients that you can reference. Conventionally located in the waterfront community of Kemah, we are midway between Houston and Galveston. We serve clear Lake, Friendswood, Pearland and other surrounding areas. Together, we create personalized solutions to capture the memorable moments. Home, the place where you live today transformed into the space that you love tomorrow!

If your are looking for a Kitchen remodel in Clear Lake Contact us today for an in-house or virtual consultation.