Holiday Kitchen Remolding in League city

As I walked out the door this Morning, the air was noticeably cooler. I felt the briskness against the bare parts of my skin, and inhale deeply the sensation of the changing of the seasons. Fall is in the air. It bears the nostalgia of seasons past, while also capturing the excitement that change can sometimes bring. It is the time dedicated to carving pumpkins into Jack-O-lanterns with loved ones, and the smell of nutmeg and spice permeating the atmosphere in local coffee shops. Festive music will soon start to play over the radio, and we will begin to plan precious time spent with family and friends.

Growing up in South Louisiana the fall Holidays were always incredibly special. My parents, two brothers, and I would drive from our house in Lafayette to Lake Arthur to my grandparents’ house. My brothers and I would start squirming in the back seat with anticipation when we passed the town sign that read “Welcome to Lake Arthur a good place to live!” As a child, I couldn’t have agreed more. 

The Holidays at my grandparents’ house were festive. Cousins, aunts, uncles, neighbors, and distant family would pop in and out throughout the day. The men would gather in the living room to talk hunting & football. In the kitchen, the women would greet whoever was to walk in the door with a welcoming embrace and a kiss on the cheek , all the while working together in a warm cohesiveness preparing the feast that we would graze over throughout the day. 

As tradition, my grandmother made her family famous fig cookies and fresh crab cornbread dressing, a nod to our Cajun heritage. The grandkids, including myself, would gather around the kitchen table devouring the warm fig cookies dunking them in coffee milk. We would giggle at old photos and yearbooks we dug out in the middle bedroom and my mom and one of my aunts would belt out old gospel hymns at my grandmother’s request. I can still visualize the contentment on my grandmother’s face, her arthritic hands clasping together in front of her heart both praising the Lord for the harmonizing voices of her middle and youngest daughters. 

Later in the evening after all the kids were bathed and sent to bed, usually pallets on the bedroom floors, the adults would gather around the dining room table for a game of bourree that would last into the early morning hours. I would often awake to the elder’s loud laughter, speaking French and with money hitting the table as bets were being placed. 

I loved all the commotion; the stories passed down and the memories being created. As a child, it set roots inside me and still does today as it remains my favorite time of year. 

I summon my thoughts back into the present moment. As the year begins to come to a close, I am reminded of the endurance of the human spirit. With the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic and the most active hurricane season on the Gulf Coast in history, I am touched by the stories of generosity and love as we had to pull together as a community to adopt and overcome. My spirit is filled with gratitude for the blessings that bound all around me. I ponder what stories we will have to tell around the kitchen table this holiday season.

Design also tells a story. It tells the story of who we are through our style choices:  photos, artwork, trinkets we collect, and the technologies we embrace. In fact, design is a story telling in an intentional way. Our homes are an extension of who we are and what we value. 

The kitchen is the cornerstone of many homes, especially during the Holidays. In my family it’s central station where everyone gathers, weather for a meal or just to hang out. Below are a few intentional ways to add warmth, beauty, and functionality to your kitchen space elevating the overall experience your guests will enjoy this special time of year. Here are some tips for Kitchen Remodeling in League City.

  1. Create ambiance with simple details 
  • Fresh Flowers in either a vase or table arrangement. 
  • Pretty hand soaps at the kitchen sink. 
  • New colorful kitchen towels. 
  • Candles at a warm glow and add a smoothing pleasantness. 
  • Add a new colorful kitchen rug. 
  1. Recognize and Declutter 
  • Remove dish soaps and sponges and store beneath the sink; Replace with the pretty hand soaps instead for an instant makeover.
  • Declutter kitchen counter spaces. Store away small appliances, paperwork, and anything else not in immediate use. Rule of thumb …if it is something that is going to be left out permanently, make sure it enhances the beauty of the space in a practical way. 
  1. Create lasting traditions (Stories)
  • In my family and in many of those that I know well, family recipes hold particularly special memories and have been passed down through generations.  They tell a story about the people that created them, our culture, and traditions. Favorite family recipes have a way of binding us to our people and remind us of places and family. For me, this is part of what makes the Holidays so special. 
  • Music – set the tone with music. Entertaining during the Holidays is throwing a party. All parties have music. It doesn’t need to be loud to have the desired effect. Simple background tunes with a cheerful beat will set the tone exactly right. Consult Google for favorite holiday playlist if you are at a crossroads. 

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Holliday Blessings from Midtown Cabinetry & Designs,

Anna Wilder Hegemier

Co-founder of Midtown Cabinetry & Designs