Kitchen Remodel vs Renovation in Friendswood, TX

Kitchen remodeling in Friendswood, TX

You may think that Remodeling and Renovations mean the same thing? Both mean to make improvements to a home or building. However, they do give different impressions to contractors and realtors – especially after Hurricane Harvey.

RENOVATION is listed in Webster’s Dictionary as “to restore to a former better state” or to revive. So, a dilapidated homes, flooded building, or anything in a state of disrepair would need to be renovated. Almost a third of Homes in the clear Lake / Friendswood area were affected by Hurricane Harvey and became homes in disrepair. These Harvey victims’ homes were then “revived” from a state of disrepair.

REMODELING is listed in Webster’s Dictionary as “to alter the structure of: Remake”. If you were a Harvey Victim that took opportunity to change things when rebuilding, it could be considered remodeling. Generally work or ‘remodeling’ to change the appearance, materials, or function of a room usually works to improve the existing design or layout of a home. Talk to your relator on what would be the best way to advertise or changes since if added money and changing your home as a remodel could be different than renovating. This is because renovating a home could mean something different to a buyer than a newly remodeled home; there are certain costs associated with each type of construction.

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